Universal Time Recorders Pty. Ltd. for all your Employee Time Clock Needs

Whether you are looking for a Bundy Clock style card punch system for your employee time & attendance solution or if you are looking for more advanced PC based systems to integrate into payroll programs such as MYOB we have a clock to suit all your needs.

Universal Time Recorders Pty. Ltd. is an importer of high quality employee time clocks.

We have customer all over Australia and beyond that enjoy the ease and efficiency of our employee time & attendance systems.

There are many types of employee time clocks that you can get from Universal Time Recorders Pty. Ltd. These include bundy clocks such as Amano, Seiko and Max time card clock systems.

We also have a range of PC Based employee time clock systems. These include Fingertec and Easy Clocking Proximity Card Time Clocks, Fingertec Face Recognition Time Clocks and the Easy Clocking and Fingertec Fingerprint Biometric Employee Time Clock.

With helpful and friendly staff that will help you decide which system is best for you.




Top brands that you can trust

From leading brands such as Amano, Seiko, Max, Easy Clocking and Fingertec we can provide a system that will cater to your time and attendance needs.

Our range includes Biometric time clocks for time & attendance tracking that helps stop buddy punching.

The Biometric time clocks include Fingerprint Time Clock systems for accurate fingerprint reading and Face ID Systems that allow clock in and out by just looking at the clock.

As well as proximity card and HID Proximity card systems we also have your standard Bundy style clocks that print on time cards and allow for calculation of total hours.