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Simple Time and Attendance Solutions For Your Small Business.

For Business owners who are on a a small budget or for those who want to invest in accurate time tracking. #AvoidBuddyPunching #SimpleTimeClock #BudgetingAustralia

Are you curious to know how many hours your employees actually work? Do you think their are simple solutions on the market? Are these solutions costly or can you save your business time and money on a budget? You’re in luck. As we will explore all of the answers to these and many other time and attendance questions right here.

Only 25 percent of US employees and just 14 percent of Canadian employees who track time use mobile apps. In the US, 38 percent use manual systems like punch cards ,paper timesheets and time cards. In Canada, 58 percent still track time using manual punch cards and timesheets, etc.

ZKTeco BioTime 8.5 Software provided by Universal Time Recorders Pty Ltd provides Australia with high quality time and attendance systems. Today we are going to take a deeper dive into ZKTeco Bio Time 8.5 time and attendance software that Universal Time Recorders provides, why is it so powerful, what are the pros and cons, along with the big question… will benefit your business?

What is Time and Attendance Software?

Time and attendance software is a powerful program that can be loaded onto your pc, mac or windows, tablet or mobile phone. It is specially designed for business owners or payroll mangers to be able to track employee hours accurately, specifically when the clock into work, when they go on break, and when they clock out to go home.

Not all software's have the same capabilities some are stronger than others and have more functionalities. Some auto calculate your employee hours for you, whilst others such as ZKTeco Bio Time 8.5 allow you to add your geo location, open doors, or even ring a universal bell or universal siren time from a single click from your computer.

Australia itself is a very unique market, we have to accommodate employees superannuation at 10.5% and we have employers who have multiple clock in and outs. Along with many different industries who have incorporated a hybrid work style. Universal Time Recorders has many simple time clock solutions for your business, they can aid and assist your payroll person become more efficient and save your business time and money.

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